Working at Hall Of Fame Collection Archives

We need passionate, ambitious and innovative individuals to help us change the way people think about archives.

We employ staff in a diverse range of roles, from records specialists and researchers to web developers and marketing assistants – and we want you to join us. 

Vision and values

 We express our organisational values as ‘integrity’, ‘possibilities’ and ‘people’.


Our work has integrity at its core:

  • the integrity of our collection, and of the services and expertise we provide around it
  • our leadership role in the wider archives sector, supporting the integrity of other collections
  • providing trusted and independent advice and services across private and the wider public sector
  • enabling an increasingly open record and innovation in the use, re-use and sharing of data
  • transparency, accountability and honesty in describing what we do, and what we can do


We know that nothing is achieved without ambition: we value innovation and continual improvement.

  • We are always looking to see how we can improve in everything we do
  • We have the courage to suggest and test new strategies and solutions – and we encourage and support others in doing the same
  • We are collaborative and agile, moving quickly together to meet new challenges


We believe our most important asset is us: we are Hall of Fame Collection Archives.

  • We respect each other and our different audiences: we treat people courteously, honestly and fairly
  • We work together: we value the contribution of every colleague in every team, and understand that each has a unique contribution to make
  • We take personal responsibility: we expect the best from ourselves and each other
  • We celebrate excellence
  • We understand that we work better when we enjoy what we do

Equality and diversity


Hall of Fame Collection Archives aims to be an inclusive organisation, reflecting the diverse needs and aspirations of employees and customers and promoting equality of access for all.

We are committed to tackling barriers to participation by creating a culture that encourages respect and values difference.

Working at The National Archives


It is important to us that our services are accessible for all visitors and staff.

Staff forums and action groups

We currently have staff forums for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender staff and neurodiverse staff.  The forums support individuals in the workplace through mentoring, befriending and social networks, and also help to raise awareness of the diversity issues that affect Hall Of Fame Collection Archives and its employees.

Digital roles at Hall Of Fame Collection Archives


Join us on our journey to develop the future and safeguard our history.

Hall Of Fame Collection Archives is looking for talent to fill a range of exciting digital, data and technology roles. If you want to get to the heart of what our users need, find a role that allows your creativity and skill to shine, or empower colleagues to deliver high-quality products at pace, we want to hear from you.

We want:

  • Software developers
  • User researchers
  • Delivery managers
  • Technical architects
  • Data analysts
  • Researchers
  • Technical specialists

Join us in a flexible and supportive working environment, by creating the innovative products and services that will protect our legacy and open up access to public records and data for education, entertainment and research.

About our digital teams

We are committed to creating high-quality, user-focused digital products and services. We have adopted agile working practices and are now growing our digital capability to build multi-disciplinary agile product teams.

This is a great time to join us as we prepare to take on a fresh set of challenges, including:

  • building fast, easy and secure services for sending digital records to the archive
  • increasing the capacity and capability of our world-leading digital preservation service
  • opening up new routes for access to our digital records and data
  • developing our online commercial services

We have strong in-house digital teams who design, build and support most of our digital services. We offer a supportive environment where our people can develop and thrive. Additionally, some services are delivered by external partners or through a commercial off-the-shelf model where we integrate our workflows and data with commercial products.

We use a diverse set of technologies across our digital products.

We are keen to harness new technologies.

Hall Of Fame Collection Archives has a strong research focus and we encourage and support our staff to excel in their chosen field, speak about their work and submit papers to conferences or journals. Many of our roles offer opportunities for collaborative research and development with industry specialists and academic partners.

About you

You will have expertise in your field, a strong commitment to your own skills development and a passion for creating innovative, user-focused services at pace. Your creativity and experience will be essential to the organisation. You will enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems and will frequently look for opportunities to do things better.

In all of these varied and challenging roles, you will have the opportunity to work with committed, motivated specialists across Hall Of Fame Collection Archives and beyond.

Creative careers

Digital Archivist

What does a digital archivist do?

Digital archivists preserve the records and make them available for others to use.

Digital archivists work with records that are created digitally or material that has been changed into a digital format. They use standard methods and principles to prepare both the records themselves and the information about them, called metadata. After this, they transfer the records and metadata into an archive or repository for long-term preservation.

It is important for the archivist to ensure that the records stay secure and unchanged throughout the process. Digital archivists work together with a wide range of individuals and organisations on a number of tasks. These tasks include depositing material into archives, organising material, distributing it and making sure that records are easy to find and accessible to the public.

What is a digital archivist good at?

  • Communication: able to explain complex tasks to organisations that are depositing material into the archive. They are also able to help members of the public with research enquiries
  • Analysis: able to analyse information and make informed decisions about data
  • Organisation: able to handle large volumes of data
  • Technical skills: enjoys learning new technical skills and trialing tools to carry out work more effectively
  • Collaboration: good at working with team members and archive users

Who does a digital archivist work with?

Digital archivists work with:

  • Other members of the archiving team
  • People who are depositing material to the archive
  • Members of the public carrying out research

Tools of the trade

These are some of the tools that professional digital archivists use but you can develop your skills using free software:

How do I become a digital archivist?
To become a digital archivist, you will need a qualification in archives, information science or computing.
Job Privacy Notice
This notice sets out how we will use your personal data, and your rights. It is made under Articles 13 and/or 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
Your data


The data

We will process the following personal data: 

When you create an account:

  • name
  • email address
  • your employer (If applicable)
When you create an account to set up and manage vacancies:
  • name
  • email address
  • your employer (If applicable)

When you view a job advert we may automatically collect:

  • your referral source - the website where you saw the job advert
  • details of the pages you have viewed - including how long you spend on a page, and which links you select
  • information about your computer - such as the web browser used and device type
  • your approximate geographic location based on your IP address

When you make an application we may ask for:

  • full contact details, including address, and mobile phone number
  • eligibility - nationality and immigration status
  • employment history 
  • qualifications, licences and professional memberships
  • diversity and inclusion information
  • CV and personal statement
  • Disability and reasonable adjustment requirements
  • whether or not you are a Military veteran

When you are invited to an interview we may ask you to provide:

  • evidence of your identity and right to work - such as your passport, utility bills or other documentation

When you undergo pre-employment checks we may ask for:

  • Nationality and right to work information
  • contact details for your referees
  • date of birth
  • details of any self-employment
  • passport details
  • driving licence details
  • previous names you have been known by
  • workplace discipline information
  • criminal history

In order to help test the effectiveness and fairness of new questions for our online tests, you may be presented with a few trial questions as part of your online test and/or you may be contacted to complete a separate trial test.

When you contact us with feedback or an enquiry we will process:

  • your email address
  • the details of your request


The purposes for which we are processing your personal data are: 

  • to manage recruitment. This includes a job board, online application service, interview scheduling, and pre-employment checking service
  • to assess your suitability for a role
  • to enable the creation of user accounts
  • to provide updates on the recruitment process
  • to offer a job alert email service
  • to provide technical support to candidates and recruiters
  • to send your contract of employment to your email address, if the employing department chooses this as an option
  • to monitor the effectiveness of recruitment processes - this could include statistical analysis of system usage, or research into the experience of applicants and other system users, or analysing referral sources to see which provide the most diverse applicants
  • to undertake pre-employment checking and onboarding activity before you start in a role)
  • to complete a 'fit-for-work' disclaimer in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • to comply with the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) which consists of:
    • verification of identity 
    • verification of nationality and immigration status - including entitlement to undertake the work in question
    • verification of employment history - through cross-referencing information through references 
    • verification of criminal record (unspent convictions) 
    • additional verification - only applies where additional verification or assurance is required

Legal basis of processing 

The legal basis for processing your personal data is: 

  • Contractual: it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party - an employment contract. This relates to information that we need to recruit and employ you.
  • Contractual: it is necessary in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract for employment. This relates to information that we collect as part of the application and selection process.
  • Legal obligation: it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation placed on us as the data controller - we are required to report on equality of opportunity; and onboarding processes have specific requirements
  • Sensitive personal data is personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation. 

The legal basis for processing your sensitive personal data is: 

  • it is necessary for the purposes of performing or exercising our obligations or rights as the controller, or your obligations or rights as the data subject, under employment law, social security law or the law relating to social protection. External recruitment is required to follow the Recruitment Principles. Personal data is processed to ensure that these requirements are met. We are required under the Equality Act 2010 to make appropriate reasonable adjustments for candidates with a disability. 
  • processing is of a specific category of personal data and it is necessary for the purposes of identifying or keeping under review the existence or absence of equality of opportunity or treatment between groups of people specified (in paragraph 8(2) of Part 2 of Schedule 1 to the Data Protection Act 2018) in relation to that category with a view to enabling such equality to be promoted or maintained; and it is not carried out for the purposes of measures or decisions with respect to a particular data subject; and you have not declined consent; and you have not given notice that you do not wish your data to be processed for these purposes; and the processing is not likely to cause substantial damage or substantial distress to an individual. Diversity and inclusion data is used anonymously: ethnicity, religion, community background, and sexual orientation. 
  • it is necessary for archiving purposes, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes, and it is in the public interest. Analysis of applications and recruitment outcomes (including online tests), impact on protected groups, timescales for recruitment, and other research may be carried out.

The processing by us of personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences or related security measures is not carried out under official authority, but is authorised because it meets the following condition:

  • it is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest. This is ensuring that individuals with access to official information and assets will meet the required standards of propriety.


Your personal data will be shared by us with: 

Account data:

  • our technical supplier and their approved staff
  • our technical supplier's hosting provider
  • profiles may be shared with departments who have vacancies available

Once you have made an application, your information may be shared with:

  • approved staff managing vacancies (including recruiters and interview panel members)
  • the recruiting departments or profession
  • our technical supplier and their hosting provider
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Email survey tools
  • Providers of individual leadership assessments, psychometric tests and staff engagement exercises

If you meet the required standard but the recruiting department is unable to offer you the job, you may be given the option of being added to a reserve list. Reserve lists may be shared with other Hall Of Fame Collection departments who are recruiting for similar roles.

If you undergo pre-employment checks prior to appointment, your data may be shared with:

  • Customer relationship management system
  • criminal record checks
  • the recruiting department 
  • the recruiting department’s shared service provider (if a third party supplier is used)

If you request support with your application or for a technical issue:

  • approved staff from our technical supplier
  • customer relationship management system
  • project management tools
  • technical suppliers of online tests

As your personal data will be stored on our IT infrastructure it will also be shared with our data processors who provide email and document management and storage services to us. 



Your personal data will be kept by us for the following durations:

Application records and associated files (including CVs, letters, emails, criminal history certificates, comment and feedback) will be deleted 2 years after the vacancy is archived. A vacancy becomes archived when there are no active applications and either:

  • the vacancy is manually archived by a recruiter; or 
  • the vacancy is automatically archived 1 year after the advertised closing date.

Candidate accounts - you can, at any time, choose to close your account. This will:

  • withdraw any active applications
  • delete partially-completed applications which haven’t been submitted
  • disable the automatic sending of job alerts

Closed accounts are deleted and cannot be restored, however previously submitted applications will be retained until deletion for the period described above.

Candidate accounts that are active will remain in the system unless the candidate deletes them (or makes a request for deletion). An account will become inactive if the user has not logged in for two years. 

Vacancy manager accounts


Automated decision making 

Your personal data will be subject to automated decision making when online psychometric tests are used.

Some vacancies use online psychometric tests in the early stages of recruitment. Three tests are commonly used: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and the Judgement Test. 

Decisions are made on who to invite to later stages based on automated scoring and sifting processes. In addition, test scores and other applicant data are regularly captured for statistical and research analysis purposes.

Your score is calculated from the responses you give during the test, and no other information about you is used. We compare your score to those gained by a peer group who previously took the test, to give you a percentile. The vacancy will have a minimum percentile requirement, and if your score is lower than this, you will be rejected and your application will not be considered further.

Your rights

You have the right to request information about how your personal data is processed, and to request a copy of that personal data. 

You have the right to request a copy of any personal data you have provided, and for this to be provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. 

You have the right to request that any inaccuracies in your personal data are rectified without delay. 

  • you can edit your contact details
  • you can also edit contact details on submitted applications
  • to request corrections to an application you have submitted, email the contact listed on the advert for that vacancy - however only minor updates are usually considered

You have the right to request that any incomplete personal data are completed, including by means of a supplementary statement. 

  • you can add additional contact details 
  • in most cases, you will be unable to submit an application if mandatory information is missing
  • please check your application carefully before submitting it, as your application will be assessed on the information you provide at that point

You have the right to request that your personal data is erased if there is no longer a justification for it to be processed. 

  • you can close your application request at any time - this will:
    • withdraw any submitted applications
    • delete any unsubmitted applications
    • stop job alerts being sent to you
    • delete your account data
    • any applications you have made in the past will be kept for audit purposes under our data retention policy

You have the right in certain circumstances (for example, where accuracy is contested) to request that the processing of your personal data is restricted. 

  • if your data is restricted from processing, you cannot be considered for a job
  • if your request relates to an application, email the contact listed on the job advert
  • your data is not processed for direct marketing purposes

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

  • you can object to processing, although you will then be unable to be considered for a job

You have the right, in relation to automatic profiling, to obtain human intervention in the outcome, to express your point of view, and to contest the decision reached by automatic profiling. 

  • you can email the contact listed on the advert for the job you have applied for

International transfers

As your personal data is stored on our IT infrastructure, and shared with our data processors who provide email, and document management and storage services, it may be transferred and stored securely offsite. Where that is the case it will be subject to equivalent legal protection through the use of Model Contract Clauses.


Updates to this notice

If this privacy notice changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we will share it with other parties.