Research Request

The Hall of Fame Collection Archives have assembled a number of research tools, databases, links and catalogues of information that can help you conduct much of your research. Descriptions and links can be found below.

For information on obtaining copies from a distance, please complete and submit the application Click here.

For information of particular interest to curators, dealers, brokers and/or auctioneers , please complete and submit the application Click here.

* Accessing Hall of Fame Archives

If/when requests for access is granted - Archival documents must be consulted on site. Additional requests must be submitted by email. Please note that requests will be answered within 1-2 business days. Users will be informed if any additional delay is necessary and/or information is required.

Most of our holdings are available. However, please note that some documents may have restricted access. Researchers should submit research request as detailed as possible with background information, and a clear idea of their research needs.

If you require more detailed research assistance, you may wish to hire an independent researcher. Please see our: Freelance Researchers List [Word, PDF].