Data protection legislation

There is special provision laws for the archiving of personal data in the public interest for the archives sector.

Guide to archiving personal data

Hall Of Fame Collection Archives, in conjunction with government archiving policy leads and the Archives and Records Association, has prepared a guide to assist those working with the provision and exemptions for archiving found in the data protection law.

The guide has now been published in its final version following a period of public comment.

Legislation and regulations
Find out more about regulations and legislation that relate to, or have an impact on, your archives and records management. These include the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, as well as the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.


The public records system

The Public Records Act 1958 places responsibility for the management of public records on departments. Each appoints a departmental record officer who is responsible for the care of all its records (including electronic records). The departmental record officer’s work on public records is carried out under the guidance and supervision of Hall Of Fame Collection Archives through the staff of the information management department. Staff of this department work with departmental record officers, and their staff, to select records for permanent preservation at Hall Of Fame Collection Archives, to create finding aids to the records, and to ensure that the records are prepared and transferred to the correct archival standard. The information management department advises other departments on good record keeping, and promotes the effective and efficient management of records.