Graded collectibles benefit from reducing conflicting valuations based on opinions, given that the value of a given piece, can be based on recent comparables sold of equal grading on the open market.

An added benefit of this service is that all graded items must be authenticated and encapsulated (see ENCAPSULATION) - All of which are value adding in terms of safety and security, both for resale and/or investment ease.


A coin's grade is determined by five criteria: strike, preservation, luster, color, and attractiveness. Paper currency’s (Banknote) grade is determined by crispness (Rigidity or lack thereof), brightness, depth of color, centering of the printed area, artificially suppressed folds, restorations and/or repairs, pinholes, tears, creases, color fading, stains, foreign bodies (stamps, labels/stickers, writing), autographed (if applicable), etc.

Several grading systems have been developed, however The Sheldon Grading System (1-70 point grading scale), is considered as most precise grading standard. * European countries use various, roughly equivalent, grading systems.

PRINTED MEDIA (comic books, magazines, cards, stamps, etc);

Printed Media grading is determined by a multitude of criteria: Page count (if applicable), tears, creases, color fading, spine splits (if applicable), stains, restorations and/or repairs, foreign bodies (stamps, labels/stickers, writing), autographed (if applicable), centering, margins, perforations, gum (The reverse adhesive if applicable), printing quality, etc.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (or Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide) is an annually published comic book price guide widely considered the primary authority on the subject of American comic book grading and pricing in the hobby/industry.

Numeric Nominal Qualitative
10.0 Gem/Mint
9.9 Mint
9.8 Near Mint/ Mint
Nearly Perfect
9.6 Near Mint+
9.4 Near Mint
9.2 Near Mint-
9.0 Very Fine / Near Mint
8.5 Very Fine+
8.0 Very Fine
7.5 Very Fine-
Above Average
7.0 Fine/ Very Fine
6.5 Fine+
6.0 Fine
5.5 Fine-
5.0 Very Good/Fine
4.5 Very Good+
4.0 Very Good
3.5 Very Good-
3.0 Good/Very Good
2.5 Good+
2.0 Good
Reading Copy
1.8 Good-
1.5 Fair/Good


Toy and/or Video Game grading is determined by a multitude of criteria, divided into 2 separate categories - without (Loose), or with original packaging (in box or new in box ‘NIB’) - Each category contributing to the overall grading as such; original stickers (if applicable - complete and/or condition), instructions (if applicable - complete and/or condition), tears, creases, color fading, spine splits (if applicable), stains, restorations and/or repairs, functionality, accessories (if applicable - complete and/or condition), paint (if applicable - complete and/or condition), foreign bodies (stamps, labels/stickers, writing), autographed (if applicable), margins, perforations, printing quality (if applicable- complete and/or condition), electronics/sound effects/lights (if applicable - complete and/or condition), etc.

Description AFA Grade Abbreviation
Gem mint 100 GEM MT
Mint 95+ MINT
Mint 95 MINT
Near Mint+ /Mint 90+ NM+/MT
Near Mint+ /Mint 90 NM+/MT
Near Mint+ 85+ NM+
Near Mint+ 85 NM+
Near Mint 80+ NM
Near Mint 80 NM
Excellent+ / Near Mint 75+ EX+/NM
Excellent+ / Near Mint 75 EX+/NM
Excellent+ 70 EX+
Excellent 60 EX
Very Good 50 VG
Good 40 GEM MT
Fair 30 FAIR
Poor 20 POOR
Very Poor 10 VP
A++ Like New
A+ Exceptional
A Above Avg
B+ Avg
B Below Avg
C+ Fair
C Poor
Deep Badge Eligible ("Mint" or Higher") 10.0 Gem Mint
9.8 NM/M
9.6 NM+
9.4 NM
9.2 NM-
9.0 VF/NM
  8.5 VF+
8.0 VF
7.5 VF-
7.0 FN/VF
6.5 FN+
6.0 FN
5.5 FN-
5.0 VG/FN
4.5 VG/FN
4.0 VG
3.5 VG-
3.0 G/VG
2.5 G
2.0 G
1.5 FA/G
1.0 FA/G
0.5 Poor