Why is Archive registry needed

Wether your piece(s) hold financial and/or emotional value, protecting your investment is a priority.

Here are the steps to make sure you are fully protected.
1. Properly Document your collectionHall of Fame Collection Archives serve as a safeguarding measure that allows owners to permanently, and personally link themselves internationally to their piece(s) - Secured offsite in digitized format (photographic, descriptive, authentication and/or serial number if applicable, etc)- In the event of theft, loss, and/or damage.

2. Review your current  insurance policy.Archiving/Registering your piece(s) will provide the proof of ownership required by both Insurance providers, as well as law enforcement officials to pursue any/all claims relating to said item(s) - Without proper documentation, no sufficient evidence exists to identify, process and/or investigate potential claims.
Most Commercial and homeowners insurance policies limit, exclude or deny coverage altogether for artwork and other forms of collectibles/memorabilia/artifacts. Therefore you may need to seek out separate collectibles insurance if your current insurer is not able to add a rider (optional coverage you can add to your existing policy) to specifically insure the collection. If not, you will need to seek out a specialty insurer.

Policies could be limited to losses in your home and/or business, not in transit (eg; while attending a convention, during a move, while on vacation, etc)

3. Have an Expert Appraisal performed

If your piece(s) is/are unique (Without industry comparables) and/or if it is a specialized area that will make assigning a value to the piece(s) difficult, getting a formal appraisal by a specialist within said item(s) field of expertise - This will provide you with the accurate insurance coverage required for ‘replacement value’, as well as expedite the process should a claim be filed.