Restoration & Conservation

Restoration & Conservation of collectibles and memorabilia is an art onto itself that should only be performed by experienced specialist in the specific field required. 

Your local museum curator will surely be capable of providing you with credible references in your area based on your specific needs.

As a general rule in terms of collecting and/or investing, unless conservation is the intended purpose, restoration is to be avoided to retain the original integrity of the piece in question. *The cost of properly executed restoration executed by trained professionals, can outweigh the market value of the piece, as well as reduce it’s overall demand and collectibility. Consult with your appraiser so as to have a better understanding of the potential return on your investment - Or lack thereof.

When discussing restauration and/or conservation options with your chosen specialist, should replacement parts be required, it is highly recommended to do so with original and/or era-correct replacements - Budget permitting. *Request that any/all parts removed and/or replaced be returned to you, as each can hold monetary and/or historical value, especially when included when/if resold.

In conclusion, if a surface dusting isn’t sufficiently to your liking - To avoid causing costly damages and/or negatively affect the value of your piece(s) - No further attempts should be made without consulting a experienced professional. 

Once a restoration and/or preservation specialist is selected - Review your insurance policy in regards to travelling with your item(s)


As well as properly document your item(s) beforehand to have the original condition recorded, and avoid possible issues in case of theft, loss and/or damage.