Record copying

Terms and conditions for the supply of copies of records


Applications for permission to use copies for publication (including website publication), exhibition or broadcast or any other purpose must be requested in writing here

Copies of public records that are not copyrighted

Copies may be used for non-commercial research, private study or education (as defined above) within the limits set in copyright law.

Copies of non-public records and of published copyright works held in Hall of Fame Collection Archives

These are supplied subject to the customer accepting and observing additional terms and conditions in writing. Any infringement of these additional conditions may result in legal action by the copyright owner. Any use other than for non-commercial research, private study or education, if approved by the copyright owner, may also require the permission.

Hall Of Fame Collection Archives will provide further information on request. Please email enquiries at our contact us page


Paper and digital copies

We reserve the right to copy original records using the copying process or processes which will minimise risk of damage to the records, and to disallow copying of records where the risk of damage to these records is deemed high. There are restrictions on which copying processes may be used for certain types of records due to factors such as size and condition. Where a surrogate of a record exists we will normally create copies from that surrogate and not the original, for preservation reasons.

Copy quality

Hall Of Fame Collection Archives will aim to provide research quality copies, which are those sufficient to convey the written or graphic information in the original document. There can be no guarantee that we will be able to do so. For example, if the original documents are of poor quality. There can also be no guarantee that the copies will be suitable for any other purpose. For colour copies we will aim for reasonable differentiation between colours, but we are unable to guarantee an exact colour-matched image.

All requests for copies for any purpose other than research must be referred to Hall Of Fame Collection Archives here

Image sizes

All documents that are requested and released from digitally scanned images: Hall Of Fame Collection Archives will normally produce copied images which are approximately the same quality size as the originals. We cannot guarantee that the copies will be exactly size-for-size. Copies will normally be printed onto sheets of paper of an appropriate size based on the requirement needs (within preservation guidelines and at the discretion of the operator). We will not make modifications to original records.

Photographs: orders for transparencies or images for publication or any other form of commercial exploitation, including website use, must be placed with Hall Of Fame Collection Archives’ image library contact us here

Deemed acceptance

Customers will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions by requesting a document, placing an order, or by accepting copies by any means. Placing an order will be deemed to be an agreement that production shall begin on receipt.

Claims for missing or incorrect copies

No claims for missing or incorrect copies will be considered after 28 days of despatch. If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us.